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Benefits of Learning Website Building in your free time

Are there any benefits of learning website building?

I am like any person next door, maybe like you. I love to spend my time scrolling through social media. Switching between the few websites and apps that are more for entertainment than for learning. Occasionally, I even learned something on them, and felt that the last half an hour I spent scrolling did not go to waste.

And I am in love with these websites and apps, as they entertain me, give me something to think about, and also take my mind off the things I do not want to think about

And this got me thinking (pun intended), that I have spent countless hours on several websites. Sometimes for getting entertainment, other times for getting information. And some other times just interacting with my peers and family members. 

As websites influence everyone’s lives this much, I thought surely there must be some benefits of learning how to build one. And I started to learn how to build them with a very easy beginning. I discovered there were indeed several gains in the process of learning it.

Benefits of Learning Website Building

  1. Creativity: When I started learning website building, the first benefit that I noticed was an increase in creativity. I’ll tell you why it happened to me. So, when I was learning how to build websites, I got to know that there are several ways to do so. I could either code it or use other website-building tools like WordPress. But the learnings of how to make beautiful websites through observation and practice helped a lot.
  2. Technical skills: While learning website building, I developed the skill of getting the desired result with the tools available. And that I believe was the most important technical skill I gained.
  3. Freelance: One key benefit that I got out of learning website building was that I earned some pocket money. I did so by working as a freelance website developer. I have now delivered several websites in the domains of e-commerce, blogging, e-learning, and more.
  4. Confidence boost: Since I gained this skill, I felt much more confident in myself. It feels great to know that we can do something amazing with our skills when people praise our work. And this is what happened to me as well.

The Basics of Website Building

When I was just starting out, I was impatient to build my first site. As I researched more about how to start out, I got to know about this amazing CMS called WordPress. So, I started experimenting with it and had very rewarding outcomes.

I also wanted to share the benefits of learning website building with any enthusiast who wants to learn it. And for this purpose, I made a basic course. 

The best part about this course is that even a kid of 10 years old can learn website building from it.

Basics covered in this course

  • Concept of CMS for website building
  • Designing a website
  • Including functionality in the website
  • Writing blogs
  • Making an avatar with AI
  • Putting images and videos on website
  • The concepts of header, footer and widgets
  • Making a website logo and icon
  • Making e-commerce website
  • The concept of product and its description
  • Automatic inventory management on website

Check out the 2 websites that are taught to be built in this course:

Other Benefits of Learning to build a website in my course

Bunny is happy on finding out the benefits of learning website building with epicjr
  • You get your own space in the form of
  • You can practice here for 3 months, and when you feel confident of your skills, you can build something you want on your domain
  • Regular live doubt sessions
  • I am always available to you on chat in the platform
  • You can learn with our app or on the web. Just login with your phone number